Floral Foam

Floral foam is an important item or material used for fresh flower arrangements. If you are familiar with arranging flowers, or you have already watched a tutorial video about flower arrangement, this item, the floral foam, is probably not new to you. This article, however, will help you learn more about the proper use of floral foam depending on the style of flower arrangements and on the types of flowers to use.


Floral Foam, Where Does It Come From?

The use of floral foal was first introduced by VL Smither in 1954. He was the owner of Oasis Floral Products, the leading manufacturer and supplier of floral foam in the world up to now. This water-absorbing foam has been used by many florists around the world whether on wet or dry floral arrangements. A fully water-soaked floral foam helps keep the stem in the perfect hold while providing fresh cut flowers with moisture and water they need to stay vibrant and alive for another week or two.


Wet Floral Foam

For freshly cut flowers, it is best to use wet floral foam for flower arrangements and designs. Most florists prefer to use wet floral foam because it can easily and securely hold the flowers in place when arranging a floral design. The foam can be cut in the desired shape before soaking in water. Some shops provide pre-shaped foams, too. To ensure that the flowers are in good condition for a long while, it is essential to soak it in water before using for any floral arrangements. The water in the foam will keep the flowers hydrated up to seven days or more depending on the type of flowers. You can also add a few drops of water to the foam from time to time.


Dry Floral Foam

For plastic flowers and plants, or for artificial flower arrangements, the dry floral foam or Styrofoam is the most ideal choice to use. The foam is easy to use and it does not need water-soaking, too.

Whether you are using small artificial and silk flowers or plants, or you prefer the bigger ones, this dry floral foam is sure to accommodate all sizes. The florist wire used on each stem of artificial flowers can easily fit into the dense nature of the Styrofoam. The compact design and the weight of the dry foam allow the floral arrangement to be in the desired shape and design because the foam can hold the stems efficiently, thus ensure that the flowers will stay in its place.

As an alternative item to wet foam and dry foam, the dry floral wreath is also ideal to use for artificial and silk flowers and for dried flowers, like dried Lavenders, dried Baby’s Breath, and dried greenery.

The durability and robust design of the dry foam make it an ideal material to use for artificial flowers and dried flowers. The foam is heavier because of the density, which is why it is easier to keep the flower arrangements intact and stable. With all sizes and shapes to choose from, some are already pre-colored, dry floral foams are a handy material for craft projects, too.

The right floral foam for the type of flower arrangements is widely available at the florist shop. Whether you are looking for floral foam that will keep the fresh blooms alive and in vibrant color for another week or two, or you want floral foams that will hold the stems sturdily, you can find wet and dry floral foam at the shop.


Tips in Handling Floral Foam:

  • Store the floral foam in a cool and dry place, but not in an area with direct sunlight exposure.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling the foam.
  • Avoid inhaling the dust from the foam.
  • Avoid swallowing particles of the foam.
  • Keep foam particles away from your eyes.


Tips in Flower Arranging Using Floral Foam:

Floral foam can be used in other designs, too. You can make an artificial wall of greenery and blooms using this floral foam. The plant and flower wall will add a tropical flair in the living spaces and indoor areas. To use the floral foam for this design, you may need a panel of mesh, a set of foam, and some flowers and greenery. You can easily poke each stem into the foam to arrange them according to the design you want. When the plant wall is done, it will make the boring wall bright and attractive.

If you have more questions and concerns about using the floral foam, you may want to read more of our articles and blogs.

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