most sought-after flower for weddings, events and bouquet

When it comes to weddings, special event and luxury flower bouquet, peony is one of the top choice and highly demanded flowers to use. The high quality of these premium flowers take flower designs to a higher level making it one of the most popular flowers in floristry.

Ready to Order Peony Direct?

Peony Colours:

DWG Group has fresh-cut peonies in many different colours varieties for your florist and event needs. Popular colours include:

  • White
  • Blush
  • Coral
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Magenta
  • Red


For more colours:

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How to use Peony?

Peonies are wonderful flowers for any grand events year-round. Consider fresh-cut peonies for the following occasions:

  • Wedding: Bridal Bouquet / Corsage/ Wedding Centrepiece
  • Bridal Showers: Space Decoration
  • Anniversaries and Birthdays: Flower Bouquet or table arrangement
  • Photo shoots: Weddings or Commercial Shoots


For perfect Peony bouquets

Are you looking for premium quality and affordable Peony bouquet? If so, then look no more. DWF Group offers everything that you need.

Peonies are one of the oldest and popular romantic plants in the world. They are also considered a blossom of wealth. Peony flowers make not only an impressive bouquet but also a simple and timeless one. They are widely admired among floral lovers in Singapore. As these flowers are seasonal, it is nice to enjoy them when they are available.


Our Wholesale Fresh Cut Peonies

Do you like to send a Peony bouquet today? The beautiful and lush flowers of Peonies are the most favorite bouquets over the globe because of its full-bodied blooms and pale hues. This amazing flower is a symbol of prosperity and honor, which makes it perfect for gifting on graduations, anniversary, birthdays, and other special events and occasions.

If someone special is celebrating an event today, gift them a perfect bouquet full of graceful flowers of Peonies.

Send affordable Peony bouquets to your girlfriend or wife from our wholesale range. We offer magnificent bouquet designs that comprise the most beautiful flowers of Peonies.  Some bouquets also have other kinds of flowers like Tulips and Carnations. You will love all the flower arrangements designed with Peonies, which are creatively handcrafted by our florists.

The beauty and elegance of Peony bouquets make it the best gift for all occasions. Not just that, we even offer different options for services and delivery of these flowers. You can select our express flower deliver or same day delivery option at affordable prices.


Peonies for Weddings and Events

Our experts handpick the freshest Peonies from our supplies for making sure that our products are top-notched. In Singapore, we have contacts with the leading flower importers, so you can purchase and send Peonies for your special ones without thinking about the flower’s availability while shopping at our website. We always ensure high quality for making people smile with the freshness of our Peonies.

From large scale celebrations to small intimate affairs, we handle every event effortlessly. We provide you all you need to make the event memorable. Let us bring your vision to life for your perfect day!


Peony SEASONALITY: Plan Your Events’ Dates

Undeniable beauties, Peonies exude an aura of elegance and beauty with its huge bushy blooms that captivate. Adding to its appeal, Peony is a seasonal bloom, which is available only for a short period of time (May and June). So, you have to plan your event’s dates accordingly!

Peonies are available in a range of beautiful colors that include red, purple, pink, and white. If you are thinking from you should order Peonies in Singapore, then DWF Group is the perfect option. Visit our site, which is an exclusive floral hub! Check the availability of these lovely Peony flowers and let our devoted florists create stunning Peony bouquets, wedding bouquets, or table arrangements for your loved ones.


We Offer a Wide Variety of Peony

Our website is specially designed to make flower purchasing experience convenient and easy for you. With a wide variety of Peony ranging from pink peonies to white peonies, we provide same-day delivery of flowers to guarantee and ensure that the flowers you get are always fresh. So, we have different varieties of Peony. Let’s have a look at some significant Peony varieties below!

  • Coral Charm: These semi-double bowl-shaped flowers come from an award-winning grower. Their salmon-pink to orange shade is glorious and unexpected. The romantic shades and silky petals make this flower perfect for giving to that special person in your life.
  • Sarah Bernhardt: These flowers have very large double flowers of dark, rose-pink with light edges. Get this cut flower bouquet for the love of your life.
  • Festiva Maxima: These lightly-scented bold white flowers having crimson streaks are perfect for making any event graceful.
  • Duchess de Nemours: These white bombs are very fragrant and large in size. They have white, cupped guard petals and feature light yellow centers. Order this widely popular variety from us.
  • Red Charm: They are perfect for gifting your girlfriend or wife. These Peonies look amazing and smell even better. Buy these fluffy, double flowers before they make their way to the ‘Sold Out’ list.
  • Bowl of Cream: These rich creamy-white flowers, packed with ruffled petals having the golden stamens, are definitely going to bring a smile on someone’s face. We deliver this happiness in no time, order with us!
  • Gardenia: These light-scented white flowers feature soft baby-pink buds. Get these lovelies for your loved ones to make ordinary days memorable.
  • Pecher: These flowers are pink in color. They are large, double flowers with creamy white petals having a thread of red around their edges. Perfect for every event!
  • Garden Treasure: These are large, semi-double, golden yellow flowers, which are packed with 20-25 petals. So, treasure every significant moment with Garden Treasure now!

We have more to our collection of Peonies. Check our website and see what all we have to offer!



Check what our florists offer in Peony bouquets by visiting our website. You can access our user-friendly website easily day or night. If you like to express your sentiments or emotions to the girl you love, then let our florists assist you. Sending a Peony bouquet is not as expensive as you think. With our affordable range, you can send the bouquet to anyone at low prices. No matter what your loved one or friend is celebrating, the delivery of a Peony bouquet will definitely be wonderful.

The best part is that you can order peonies online 24/7. Our team delivers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even during public holidays and odd hours. Place an order for your Peony bouquet now and bring delight to someone’s life on special occasions or even on ordinary days. Our affordable prices are awesome that even fit your tight budget because what we provide are the lowest in Singapore. Plus, you can enjoy our same day delivery. So, do not wait for a special occasion and send your loved ones the most graceful Peony bouquet today.