Monthly Archives: October 2020

Best Temperature for Fresh Cut Flowers and How Temperature Can Affect These Cut Flowers

Temperature guide for cut flowers The necessity to enhance means that maintaining newly-cut flowers was developed due to the high demands in the market. Factors like temperature are always considered since it can be crucial not only for the cut flowers but for plants in general. Heat is a factor that can have adverse effects […]

Social Media Marketing for Local Florist

With its blooming users across the globe, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have the power to potentially reach everyone. Social media marketing can help increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and increase sales for your floral company. On this page, you will know about social media marketing, why florists should […]

Fresh Cut Flower Production from Foreign Soils to our Local Florist

In the area of Floriculture business especially wholesale flowers, competition is getting more and more active. As globalization continues, countries like Colombia is now reaching out to Japan, despite having a solid market share in the US. Africa, being a recognizable strong name in Europe, is now also tapping the US. India and China are […]

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