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What Is the Role of Wholesale Florists?

Most flower shops nowadays are operated by hands-on florists with the help of their employees or staff. Most of the customers transact with the florists at the shop, and they are the people who regularly maintain the shop and those who personally craft unique floral designs. There are also florists who are seldom noticed. They […]

What is a Flower Broker?

Flower brokers are basically third party agents who display bouquet and arrangement product images and then they transfer orders to the associated local florists for both fulfillments as well as hand delivery of the order. The flower broker customers normally pay extra money including both service charges as well as local delivery fees and these […]

How to Become a Floral Distributor?

Distribution of flowers is not an easy task; before reaching the customers these flowers take various routes which majorly depends upon the fact where these flowers are grown and how they should be sold. There are growers who cut and then directly pack the flowers at their own located nurseries and from there they send these […]

What is the Difference Between a Florist and a Floral Designer?

Flowers play a very huge role in life especially when there are some fancy and big events to celebrate like anniversary, birthdays, weddings and Christmas. These flowers help to enhance the decoration, theme and also they help to beautify the mood of the event. Most of the time it is a quite common question that […]

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