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The Origin and History of the Christmas Tree

Traditionally, an evergreen fir tree has been used for celebrating winter festivities (Christian and pagan) for thousands of years. Pagan used its branches for decorating their houses during the holiday season as this made them think about the arrival of spring. Also, Romans used these trees for decorating their worship places at the Saturnalia festival. […]

How to Make a Christmas Wreath?

A wreath is an ideal method to invite guests to your home during the holidays. What’s the most fascinating aspect of wreaths is that they’re a top choice irrespective of the occasion. When you have the appropriate foliage and proper materials, they will go fine throughout the entire year.  Honestly speaking, you could consider them […]

The Origins of Christmas Wreaths

The Christmas wreath, vibrant in color and inviting, is as packaged as a snowball with convention and symbol. The wreath is a term that is associated with the English term “writhen” that signified “to squirm” or “twisting.” The Romans started the tradition of hanging Christmas Wreaths as they hung those wreaths on their doors to […]

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