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What Is the Role of Wholesale Florists?

Most flower shops nowadays are operated by hands-on florists with the help of their employees or staff. Most of the customers transact with the florists at the shop, and they are the people who regularly maintain the shop and those who personally craft unique floral designs. There are also florists who are seldom noticed. They […]

What type of flower that Singapore Export?

Have you also been mesmerized by the rendezvous floral decorations at various events like marriages, anniversary ceremonies or similar other times? These floral decorations are given a unique charm and beauty by combining different type of fresh cut-flowers. Surprisingly, it is not to think that all of the flowers are from the local land, some […]

Difference Between Flower Wholesalers, Distributors, and Retailers

At a wedding, when a bride tosses a bouquet to all single women present there, few guests probably think about wherefrom those beautiful flowers have been bought. Yet an extremely coordinated sequence of events occurs during a short span of time for ensuring that those delicate flowers, professionally arranged at some local florist outlet, remain […]

Fresh Cut Flower Trade, How the Global Industry is Transforming?

The fresh cut flower industry is a dynamic, fast-growing industry. The origin of production, product varieties, production techniques, retailing arrangements, and markets are undergoing continuous change. This challenges the adaptive ability of the elements involved. Today, producers try to remain ahead through innovation and diversification and by increasing productivity.   Overview of this Global Market […]

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