Should You Buy Organic Flowers?

In order to get rid of chewing bugs, Clara Lin often sprays her perennials and annuals with an oil based mixture of pepper and raw garlic. To combat aphids Jimmy releases ladybugs and wasps into his green house and DWF uses chicken manure as fertilizer in order to keep our chrysanthemum thriving and healthy.

All of these are organic methods of growing plants and they don’t involve any chemicals. The blooms are not only fresh but beautiful and bloomy. Lin owns her own floral shop so she sells all her flowers there while Jimmy sells all his roses to Singapore, who is based in Malaysia, partners with other farmers and sells his flowers. All of these sellers represent a growing force that is all together changing the market place for better.

Most of the consumers nowadays prefer organic products over synthetic because of the taste as well as the various health benefits associated with them. Organic farming is also helpful in the preservation of soil quality and also keeping harmful toxins away from the environment.  

According to DWF flower expert, “Organic is not about food only it has several environmental benefits as well”.

Mother’s day and June wedding season are just around the corner and you can make these occasions even more special by gifting organic flowers to your loved ones.


Costs of Conventional Flowers Vs Organic Flowers

Plants and other flowers that are typically grown with conventional methods are a huge source of groundwater contamination because of the pesticides and fertilizers run off which then affects humans as well as wild life. This was reported in 2003 in a study of San Francisco Chronicle where it was reported that some highly toxic chemicals are in use for the growth of lilies including carcinogen. These chemicals and carcinogens are also involved in the killing of already endangered species.

For occasions like Valentine’s Day, US imports around 20M roses from South American Farms. In these farms, for better growth the greenhouses are often fumigated with different fungicides and pesticides and once that is done the these flowers are submerged in preservatives to keep them safe during shipment. These procedures are pretty much harmful for the workers who come in direct contact with the chemicals.

According to an estimate of International Labors Organization, more than 20% of Ecuadorian floral workers are underage kids who are more vulnerable to the detrimental effects of the chemicals and preservatives. Not only these are harmful for the workers but can seriously affect the health of consumers.


Want to bring Change? It’s possible with Organic Flowers

If you are really concerned about your health and your loved ones but also want to decorate your house with these fragile and fresh blooms, then it is possible by doing some easy steps

Grow your own flowers

All you need to do is just buy your own seeds or bulb and start gardening at home. To help you get started, Seeds of Change offers organic bulbs and seeds that can be ordered online. Grow your own blooms to decorate your home or as a gift to friends and family.

Buy Organic and only local

Spend money on your own community and save energy as well as shipping costs simply by getting preservative free natural flowers from your own local markets.

Ask florists to grow organic flowers

Ask your local florists if they buy any organic local or organic flowers and if the answer is negative then ask them to do so. Tell them about the various benefits of organic flowers. As a consumer if you express your willingness to buy organic flowers then the sellers will be compelled to oblige your request.

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