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How to Reduce Carbon Footprint of Cut Flowers? From Field, Wholesaler, Florist to Consumer

Flowers are the most perfect gifts. These pretty blooms are perfect for every occasion like Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary or just like that. No occasion, good or bad, is perfect without flowers. Floral industry is growing every year and the net worth of cut floral industry is almost $55 billion per year. On occasions like […]

Sustainability Guide for Florists

Are you looking for sustainability tips for florists? What is green-thinking anyway? Aren’t all flowers sustainable, or at least less damaging to the planet? There are many things that a professional florist can do to enhance the sustainability of their business while maintaining the quality of flowers that they provide.   These sustainability tips for […]

Social Media Marketing for Local Florist

With its blooming users across the globe, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have the power to potentially reach everyone. Social media marketing can help increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and increase sales for your floral company. On this page, you will know about social media marketing, why florists should […]

Fresh Cut Flower Trade, How the Global Industry is Transforming?

The fresh cut flower industry is a dynamic, fast-growing industry. The origin of production, product varieties, production techniques, retailing arrangements, and markets are undergoing continuous change. This challenges the adaptive ability of the elements involved. Today, producers try to remain ahead through innovation and diversification and by increasing productivity.   Overview of this Global Market […]

How Coronavirus Crushed the Global Flower Market?

No industry in the world is completely immune to the Coronavirus crisis and the flower industry around the globe is no exception. It has been seen that the florists across the world are crushing and destroying their flowers because there is absolutely no market available across the world for their sale. Netherland is the dominant […]

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