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What is the National Flower of Singapore?

It is the Hybrid Orchid, popular by the name Vanda Miss Joaquim. As something like Frankenstein orchid, it was given the name ‘Vanda Miss Joaquim.’ This hybrid orchid was generated from cross-breeding two different flower species by Singapore-based Agnes Joaquim, an Armenian horticulturist. He created this hybrid orchid in the 1890s. Due to its distinct […]

Types of Chrysanthemum: Learn How to Plant & Propagate for Mums

Types of Chrysanthemums One of the most popular flowers in the world among cut flowers is the flower of Chrysanthemum. In fact, different types of Chrysanthemums are cultivated for different purposes. Some varieties of Mums are grown in pots while some are used as garden beds and borders. Because of the attractive blooms, Chrysanthemums are […]

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