Fresh Cut Flower Production from Foreign Soils to our Local Florist

In the area of Floriculture business especially wholesale flowers, competition is getting more and more active. As globalization continues, countries like Colombia is now reaching out to Japan, despite having a solid market share in the US. Africa, being a recognizable strong name in Europe, is now also tapping the US. India and China are slowly keeping up. With such a wide range of sources, you might question yourself as to where do your flowers come from.

Origin of flower’s distance is a wonder to people. As long as flowers are well managed and packaged and quickly and efficiently shipped, distance as to where these flowers originated from is not actually too much of a deal. Also, flowers must be properly stored in an appropriate temperature as it is delivered. Lastly, freshly cut flowers must be taken care of properly and must follow the steps. From harvest to home, flowers go along the way and should reach the consumers with a fresh and longer-lasting blooms.

Here are some flowers and their country of origin:



Rose is a common flower that are produced in Colombia, Ecuador and US (California). Ecuador and California produce Gerbera Daisies that come in varieties of orange pink and yellow. Chrysanthemum or Mum is produced in Colombia. Sunflower and Baby’s breath are native to Ecuador and the elusive iris and lily are native to California.



If Europe is on the table, Holland is the best place to go. They have the world’s widest and scenic tulip plantation. It runs from the end of March until mid of May.



Aside from the Americas, Asian countries like China (Kunming), India, Malaysia and Vietnam produce Rose as well. Chrysanthemums, which are really popular in most occasions are produced in China, India, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. Orchid, being one of the delicate flowers and symbolizes luxury are produced in Kunming, China and Vietnam. Variety of carnations are produced in China, India and Malaysia. Gladiolus which expresses strength of character are native to India and Vietnam. China also produces Lily and Daisy. Magnolia, which symbolizes nobility, is native to Japan.



Rose is also reaching in the soils of Ethiopia and Kenya. Summer Flower is native to Ethiopia. While flowers like Carnation and Alstromeria, which is known to have herbal abilities, is native to Kenya.


As you see, even with just a partial list, Rose has the global domination. Other local flowers are also growing in various soils with different climate and conditions. This just proves that flowers naturally beautify surroundings, regardless of the location.

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