What Flowers are Edible?

Flowers not only make the most perfect centerpieces on a dinner table but these beautiful flowers can be on your plate too.

There are flowers that are edible and used in different cuisine. These flowers can be found on menus across the globe. It doesn’t mean that you can eat all flowers but there are some with unique flavor and colors that can be eaten as salads or beverages. Most of these plants also offer health benefits.

Below are top 11 edible plants/flowers with health benefits as well:


  1. Hibiscus

These plants have huge decorative flowers that are found in subtropical and tropical climates across the world. There are many varieties of this plant but Hibuscus sabdariffa or roselle is the most popular edible variety.

This plant can grow up to 5cm in diameter and there are many color varieties including yellow, white, red and pink. It is mostly famous for its beautiful appearance but can also be used for medicinal application and food. The flowers of Hibiscus can be eaten direct from the plant but they are used with jam, salads and relishes.

Hibiscus tea is used in many cultures for the medicinal properties. There are studies that suggest that hibiscus is helpful in the reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol, although it is still unclear that how it does it.

Hibiscus tea is red and has a sharp taste.  It can be served hot but mostly people like to drink it cold during summer.


Hibiscus has colorful and large flowers that grow best in warm weather. The flowers are edible and used in hibiscus tea. Different studies suggest that hibiscus is perfect for controlling cholesterol and blood pressure.


  1. Dandelion

These are commonly found in every garden and often referred to as stubborn garden weeds. But do you know that there flowers are edible and nutritious.

They have tiny flowers that are roughly 2-5cm in diameter with little yellowish petals. These flowers produce compounds that have strong antioxidant properties. It is important to know that not only the flowers but the stems, roots and leaves are also edible.

It can either be eaten raw or it can be used as salad. Flowers are also used in the synthesis of wine or jelly. Roots of dandelion are used in tea and the green part of this plant is used in sandwich topping or salad.


Dandelions are often considered as weeds but they have edible parts including roots, leaves and flowers with amazing health benefits. These are used in jelly or wine and can be used as salads or served as tea.


  1. Lavender

It is a woody and flower bearing herb that is commonly present in Mediterranean and Africa. It has tiny flowers that are present in bulk and violet in color. Because of its distinctive and pleasant smell it is used for its soothing effects.

The color and aroma of Hibiscus are so pleasant that it is used in different foods such as infused syrups, teas, baked products and herbs.

The taste of lavender blends perfectly with the savory and sweet ingredients such as rosemary, citrus, thyme and berries. While cooking always make sure to start with tiny amount and gradually increase the amount until you get the preferred taste.


It is well known for its unique taste. It can either be eaten fresh or can be mixed with other things like berries, citrus and herbs.


  1. Honeysuckle

There are almost 200 different species of this plant but the most common species are the woodbine and Japanese variety. It has yellow and white flowers that are very fragrant and the nectar can be eaten directly from the fragrant blossoms.

It is commonly used in Chinese medicines to treat different ailments. In order to treat any inflammatory diseases, flowers can either be ingested or they can be applied to the skin directly. .

Honeysuckle is used to make herbal tea or flavor syrup. The syrup is used to enhance the taste of herbal tea, yogurt and lemonade or it can be used in bread recipes to replace sugar.

Note that the flowers and nectar are safe to use but some varieties have berries which may have harmful health effects.


Honeysuckle is known for its fragrance, flavor and its health benefits. You can either eat it directly or can be used to complement dishes as infused syrup.


  1. Nasturtium

It has bright colored flowers with unique flavor and that is why it is commonly used in cooking. Both the flowers and leaves are eatable and can be used as raw or cooked.

Flowers are funnel shaped with red, orange and yellow shades. Due to all these bright colors these are used to decorate pastries and cakes. Leaves are circular in shape and look like lily pads. Due to the soft and tender leaves they are used as salads.

Nasturtium flowers are not only beautiful but they are nutritious as well with a lot of minerals and other beneficial compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties.


The bright flowers are famous for their peppery and savory taste. Leaves are packed with nutrition and can be used for the treatment of various health conditions.


  1. Borage

It is also called star flower that bears small, star-like blossoms. Flowers are blue in color but white and pink shades are also available.

In the medicinal world borage is used to treat cough and sore throat. But how it is effective to treat these conditions is still unknown.

As the flowers and leaves are eatable therefore you can use it in variety of ways. Flowers are slightly sweet in taste just like honey and cucumber.

They can be eaten in salad or used to decorate cocktails or desserts. You can also cook and add them to sauces, soups and pasta fillings.


It is an herb with tiny blue flowers used in culinary practices and traditional medicine. Borage is used to garnish salads and cocktails and can be cooked into sauces and soups.


  1. Purslane

It is a succulent that has small yellowish flowers and fleshy, thick leaves. Both the flowers and the leaves are eatable either raw or cooked. Previously it was considered only a garden weed but it gained its popularity quite recently due to the nutritious content.

The plant is full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants but one of its main components is omega-3 fat which is why it is famous in the medicinal field. Leaves and flowers are served in raw form in sandwiches and salads; they can also be served as a side dish or added to any soup of your choice.


It is a nutritious succulent with flowers and leaves that can be eaten raw or cooked. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and its main component is omeg-3.


  1. Rose

Rose has almost 150-200 species available in very size and color. The best thing about rose is that it is eatable but all roses don’t taste the same.

If a rose smells good that means it will taste good and can be used in culinary. Only eat the petals, stems and leaves of roses are not so tasty.

The petals have a very sweet and aromatic flavor. These can be eaten raw by mixing in different fruits or salads or they can be dried and mixed with herbs.

Fresh petals can be added to liquid to make beverages and jellies. Roses like other edible flowers have variety of health benefits. Certain compounds in roses play a huge role in stress release and relaxation.


Roses with the sweetest fragrance will have the sweetest taste. The petals are added to butter or sugar in order to enhance the recipe.


  1. Squash Blossom

If you have a garden then you may have a good idea about this flower. The most popular form of Squash blossom is the zucchini. It has bright yellowish with huge bell-shaped flowers.

The flowers can be eaten in raw form or can be mixed with green salads. You can also stuff the flowers with cheese and fry, bake them altogether until the petals are crispy.

Male squash flowers are thin, long stemmed and they grow around the outside edges of the body. Female flowers grow closer to the central part and have tiny fruits at the end of the blossoms.


Flowers can be eaten fresh or fried or stuffed. If you are growing them in your garden then only puck the male flowers for eating so that it can still grow and blossom.


  1. Pansy

Pansies are not only fancy to look at but they also taste heavenly. They produce tiny flowers that are 3-5 inches in length. There are different colors of pansies but popular ones are blue, yellow and purple. They have five petals with a dark central part that looks like ink stain.

Due to the availability of various colors pansies are excellent options for decoration. These are added to desserts like cakes and pastries.  These can be chopped and cut into fine pieces and added to salads for a color pop.

Pansies are also famous for their health benefits as they are rich source of antioxidants.


These are used for ornamental purposes but to their beautiful colors and nutritious properties, commonly used in salads and desserts.


  1. Chamomile

It is basically a floral herb used in traditional medicines and cooking. It is often used to reduce stress and induce sleep. The flowers look like daisies but much smaller. They have sweet flavor therefore used with other dishes.

In most dishes, these flowers are first cooked to extract their sweet taste and other active compounds. Flowers and leaves are first dried and then used but they can also be used fresh.


Chamomile flowers are used to treat stress and to induce sleep. They have sweet taste and that is why used to make tea and other such infusions.


Flowers are not only used for ornamental purposes but they can be part of your diet as well. There are flowers that have anti-inflammatory properties to support health. These plants can either be eaten fresh or mixed with other dishes.

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