Flowers That Look like Animals

There are almost 400,000 plant species that are different from each other in color and shape. In this blog you will come to know about the 10 interesting flower plants that look like animals.

  1. Monkey Orchids

It is also called little dragon monkey and native to tropical forests. This name is basically a shout out to the large sepals which are located at the end of the petals. Don’t get confused by the name, this flowers has one of the most amazing and intoxicating fragrance. When it is fully-ripe it smells like oranges.

  1. White egret orchids

White egret orchids are named because of their similarity with the bird. The flowers have white petals which look like wings of bird in flight lined by tiny greenish leaves. Their resemblance with the bird is totally uncanny and you will be shocked to see that how beautifully the petals and the leaves complement each other.

  1. Dolphin Succulent

It is a unique plant that is actually a hybrid of string of pearls wine and candle plant. The result of this hybridization is a beautiful plant that has beautiful leaves coming out of the stems. Each leaf looks like a beautiful crescent moon with a fun bulging from it.

  1. Parrot flowers

This resemble to its friend is totally remarkable. If you notice a reddish purplish petals with only one apex then know that you have seem a parrot flower. The lower sepal of the flowers makes the beak which is a tiny hook that’s greenish in shade.

  1. Bee Orchid

It is a fragrant flower with a smart tiny trick. It looks like a small bumblebee and this resemblance helps the plant in attracting male pollinators that comes to the plant hoping to mate with the bees that are already sitting on the plant.

  1. Flying Duck Orchids

This is commonly present in Australia. It blooms between September-February and when it blooms it produces petals that look like a small duck-in-flight.

  1. Dove orchids

The flower is basically hidden inside the blooms of Peristeria elata, inside this there is a structure that looks like a flying white dove. When the blooming is at peak, the bulb will have 20-50 petals which then surrounds the inside petals and due to this double layering Dove orchid name is given to it.

  1. Rabbit Succulent

These 4 plants are native to Africa and these are often referred to as drought induced plants. Once the sprouting is done, two little stems are grown that look like rabbit ears and with the growth of the plant its ears grow longer and bigger

  1. Grim Reaper Flower

The floral features of this plant are necessary for its survival. The hollow eyes of the skull and the strong fragrance are helpful in attracting pollinators. Once inside the pollinators can fly through the eyes which are covered with hairs to cover them with pollen.

  1. Hummingbird flower

This plant can grow to 9 feet tall. It looks like a hummingbird because they look like this small bird in flight, at the floral base you will even notice a beak-like stem. It grows in the wilds of Australia and blooms in January and May.

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