How to Choose the Best Live Christmas Tree?

Choosing a live Christmas tree is the most classic tradition during the holiday season. While this time to head to a tree farm comes around only once upon a year, it is a memory that you are going to cherish for decades. So, do not buy a sad tree this year.

Here, we will show you how to choose the best live Christmas tree that will last longer. Also, read about some of the amazing care tips for your live Christmas tree. These tips ensure that your tree looks bright and merry. After the holiday season ends, make sure that you recycle the tree for an earth-friendly and sustainable holiday. Now, let’s get started!

  1. Select the location at your place

Before you step out of your house to pick the perfect tree this year, you need to be certain about where you like to keep the tree. Also, make the area available before heading to the store or lot. You should avoid places near heating sources like fireplaces, radiators, televisions, sun-drenched windows, or heating vents.

Also, you should tuck your Christmas tree into low-traffic areas for avoiding accidental bumping and potential safety problems. After that, you have to take the measurements of the area dimensions that you need to work on. Plus, remember that the tree stand, stars, or angles at the top will also take some extra inches when it comes to height.

Obviously, you will like to leave around six inches between the ceiling and the tree’s top. If you want to use a tree topper, then you have to allow about 12 inches. If your standard ceiling is just 8 feet, then go for a 7-ft tall Christmas tree.


  1. Consider what exactly you want

Every tree species come with different features. So, to get the best live Christmas tree this year, you have to match the tree to the wants and needs of your place. For instance, if your household has children, then you may lean towards firs or pines having soft needles than spruce trees having sharp needles that can hurt someone when they step on them.

At the store or lot, you will come across three to four varieties of Christmas trees. Here, you have to consider some things while selecting the best tree, such as feel, shape, and color of a live tree. Most trees feature dark green color, while some have white or gray hues. Also, you will find some trees having constricted branching patterns and some having more spaces.

So, one thing that you need to consider is that if your tree looks extremely full while there are no ornaments, then it could be tough for you to decorate it. During the tree selection procedure, trees that you see mostly have been sheared and groomed to look perfect. Once you take the tree home, you will realize that you do not have much space to put on ornaments.

Thus, it is best to choose a tree with some empty areas. Also, you can bring some of your ornaments to the store to test how your tree will look. Plus, make sure that the trunk’s first foot is straight. Otherwise, it could be difficult for you to stand it properly at home.


  1. Look at all angles

Now, step back and check out your tree from some vantage points. Go with a densely branched Christmas tree with a nice fragrance, color, and shape. Its trunk must be straight and invisible across the foliage.


  1. Watch out for freshness

In the first place, you need to examine the tree’s truck. It should have a bit stickiness. Bend a tree needle in half using your fingers, then fresh firs must snap. When you bend fresh pines, it must not break.

To check whether the tree will last longer, grab the branch’s inside and pull it toward you. Now, the tree needles must remain on the Christmas tree. Or, tap the tree’s cut end gently on the floor. If some needles fall, then it is absolutely fine. If lots of them fall off, then you need to search for another live tree.

Some kinds of live Christmas trees go from rich, deep green to a gloomy gray-green when they dry out. So, it is best to go with a tree that is dark green in color.


  1. Freshen the tree’s trunk

After you have taken the tree home, you need to take good care of its trunk.  Cut it off around a half-inch from the trunk of your tree at the bottom. It is best to ask the tree lot for doing this. This fresh-cut absorbs more water and the tree keeps its tint and holds its soft needles for longer.

Once you have made the cut, put your Christmas tree in water quickly. As stated above, do not put your tree near heat sources like heating vents or fireplaces, no matter how tempting it may appear. Otherwise, your live tree will dry out quickly. So, it is recommended to place your Christmas tree in a dry and cool spot.

For keeping the tree look perfect all the time, make sure the tree stand is always filled with water. In starting days, you might have to put in water two or three times. Also, water capacity is something that could mean death or life to a tree. If your stump cut withers, then it cannot soak water. So, you need to select a tree stand that can hold a gallon or more.

It is highly recommended to give your tree a rapid blast using a leaf blower for removing loose needles, dirt or debris stuck in its branches, and eradicate any egg masses or insects that may have made their journey to your place.

So, this is how you can choose the best live Christmas tree. Also, these care tips will help you in extending how long the Christmas tree is going to last. If taken proper care of, your live Christmas tree will remain fresh for six weeks.