How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Professional?

A beautifully ornamented Christmas tree is one of the iconic elements of the holiday season. Packed with magical lights and classic handcrafted ornaments, a Christmas tree is something that we all adore. If you are wondering how to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional, you can go for a theme that coordinates well with your home.

So, it takes effort to decorate your Christmas tree with a coordinated look. But the end result could be an amazing professionally decorated Christmas tree that can take any place in your beautiful home. So, here are some steps that you need to follow for decorating your Christmas tree like a professional.


Step 1: Begin Fluffing the Tree

In the first place, you need to fluff all the branches of your Christmas tree before you start decorating it. This is quite important as the more you fluff and bend its branches, there will be lesser chances that you will see bare spots within the tree.

Begin by dividing all the tips within every branch. Pull them apart and position the same in various directions to create a fluffier look on the branches’ end. After that, you need to begin at the base for bending the branches into place and filling any larger gaps.

So, when you have taken the extra time for fluffing the tree, you get a fuller look than you began with. At that point, you can hide any bare spots with ribbon, ornaments, and decorative stuff.


Step 2: Put in Ribbons

Now, you need to get assorted colors and sizes of ribbons for adding up to your Christmas tree. You will need a lot of ribbons. So, it is recommended that you buy more than what you think you will require at this stage. This is because you might find that you get extra gaps that you have to fill.

For having a professional look, you may use three to four different kinds of ribbons for your Christmas tree. They vary from wider width to smaller thin ribbon sizes. For a usual size tree i.e. 7½ foot, you will require around 2 rolls of every type ribbon you select.  

If you go for less than that, that would not be sufficient for covering the tree adequately. You can go for wide mesh wires, which are so easy to work with and they grab onto branches for a more secure hold. However, wire ribbons will bend into place for creating an amazing flowy look.

Now, you have to measure and cut three-foot-long ribbon strips for placing in your Christmas tree. Tuck one side of the ribbon inside the tree, while you bend and wrap it for securing the same to the branch. Now, pull the ribbon straight out, leaving a slack when you grasp the ribbon’s middle to pinch and tuck the ribbon back into your tree.

So, this will create a billowy loop kind look with the ribbon. Secure the ribbon’s end to a branch while leaving slack for creating another loop. Now, repeat this process with other assorted ribbons throughout your Christmas tree. You can place them in different directions like vertically, horizontally, and diagonally for adding dimension to your tree.

Lastly, you can put some thinnest ribbons on the tree. So, this helps you in creating three short loops than a large one for every part.


Step 3: Add Some Florals

After adding plenty of ribbons for fullness and texture, you get a premium-quality Christmas tree. You still get some gaps that you need to fill. That’s why you get to add large florals. They offer a simple way to fill gaping holes within the branches and to add an amazing factor to the Christmas tree.

When it comes to large florals, you can go for hydrangeas and poinsettias. You can use four of them. If you do not want, then you can skip Christmas florals. If you are using flowers, then start filling in the largest gap while ensuring that they are evenly spaced out around your Christmas tree. Now, add the remaining flowers throughout the branches.


Step 4: Put in Ornaments

After that, you are all set to put ornaments into your Christmas tree. While you decorate a Christmas tree, you can choose a color theme. You can go for wedding colors like solid burgundy, etc. To add a special touch to your tree, you can add berry clumps across the tree.

Now, begin adding the ornaments to your tree by putting up the most uniquely designed ornaments or the largest ones first. While doing so, make sure that these ornaments take the center stage look on the tree.

In the end, fill up the remaining tree with small-sized ornaments for finishing off the tree look. Ensure that you have gotten a range of finishes if you are going with the same color family for giving the tree a bit of dimension. For instance, you can opt for a glitter, shiny metallic, and matter color scheme for a burgundy tree.

Many people like to cover their trees so heavily in ornaments that it is hard to spot the green branches.


Step 5: Top the Christmas Tree

As you know, stars and angels are a conventional tree topper. Everyone loves them too. However, you can also crown your tree with unique florals like berries or other wedding centerpieces. So, you can top your Christmas tree your own way this Christmas.

Well, these are some steps that you can follow for decorating your Christmas tree like a professional. These tips will help you in feeling confident to decorate your tree this Christmas. Most importantly, they get you excited and inspired to begin decorating for the holiday season hopefully. So, if you have bought your Christmas tree, then start decorating it by following these steps. You can add your own ideas to make your tree look unique and amazing. Now, wait no more and decorate your Christmas tree like a professional.